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Summer is the Best Time for Osechi: A Gorgeous Assortment of Japanese Food (4-Decker)

夏こそおせち 和食の豪華詰め合わせ【四段重】 - foodots. Japan
夏こそおせち 和食の豪華詰め合わせ【四段重】 - foodots. Japan
夏こそおせち 和食の豪華詰め合わせ【四段重】 - foodots. Japan
Load image into Gallery viewer, 夏こそおせち 和食の豪華詰め合わせ【四段重】 - foodots. Japan
Load image into Gallery viewer, 夏こそおせち 和食の豪華詰め合わせ【四段重】 - foodots. Japan
Load image into Gallery viewer, 夏こそおせち 和食の豪華詰め合わせ【四段重】 - foodots. Japan

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How about Osechi for summer, for a party with friends, for a family gathering, or for an important anniversary?

Originally, Osechi dishes originated from "Sekku", which was an offering to the gods to express gratitude for a bountiful harvest at each turning point of the season. The dishes made as offerings were the beginning of osechi ryori. Sekku is celebrated on January 7th, March 3rd, May 5th, July 7th, and September 9th, and in the Edo period, gorgeous dishes were served five times a year.

Osechi is served on New Year's Day! However, Osechi was originally a dish that people had more opportunities to eat. However, Osechi was originally a dish that was eaten more often. The diverse lineup of Osechi is truly a cold hors d'oeuvre. The hot summer season is the best time to enjoy cold dishes. This is the perfect product for the irreplaceable time with your loved ones and for the Obon gatherings.

Shipping method: The product is sent frozen. Thaw in the refrigerator for 24 hours. If you don't want to eat it right away, you can keep it in the freezer until the end of January of the following year.

Product contents

<First layer

Honkarasumi (from Austria)

<Second layer

Sea urchin cheese wrapped in cheese, duck cheese wrapped in cheese, burdock stuffed with beef, Hakata-grilled cheese wrapped in cheese, inkan-yaki inkan-yaki inkan, domestically seasoned baby sardines, chopped kelp with baby treasure, seasoned koi kelp, shrimp stewed to perfection, kumquat lily root checkered pine, koi ayu kelp roll cut, black soybean stew, cocooned ball of pine needles, kumquat, salmon wrapped in salmon

<The third layer

Stewed apricot, red prawn, yuba in Arima, cod roe, amigasa (ambergris), grilled pork in soy sauce, pickled rape blossoms, simmered abalone, sweetened young peaches, fukusa-grilled clam, rice cake, grilled scallop, grilled squid, datemaki with honey, sunrise shrimp with sea urchin, maple walnut, lily bulb in sweet soy sauce, pickled trout, seasoned salmon roe, kelp fan, simmered lemon, rice cake skewer

<4nd layer

Beef wrapped in bamboo grass, fugu skin with cod roe, pork square wrapped in paper, yuba tamari, longevity carrots, shiitake mushroom stewed in yuzu, millets bran, mugwort bran, bamboo shoots, red and white knotted fu, checkered brocade roll, salmon trout grilled on Saikyo grill, yellowtail rolled in Naruto, red and white namasu with hibiscus flavor, crab rolled in waterwheel, vinegared Setouchi cod roe, salmon rolled in brocade, grilled Nishin, grilled ayu fish with salt

Please note that some menu items may change.

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