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foodots. will establish three infrastructures of "dissemination", "experience", and "sales" of delicious taste experience, and connect Japanese food with users all over the world. And this effort must protect the Japanese food culture and support those who continue to grow. We aim to be a place full of people who love Japanese food on earth and want to get together. You can send information and introduce services for free at restaurants, inns, and tourist facilities. All services are operated by advertising revenue and commission revenue from users. Above all, we value the people who protect the food culture and continue to grow. Please contribute to Japanese food culture by shopping at foodots.




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Shipping to the United States will be by ship as of 2020. Please allow up to 2 months for delivery. Please click here for shipping rates.

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Color the home with Japanese ingredients.


Oct 19, 2020


「ご家庭で寿司作り」はいかがでしょうか? 【お寿司をご家庭で作る方法例】 炊き立てのご飯3号を木曽サワラ飯台(はんだい)に移して、お好きな鮨酢をかけてください。ご飯と鮨酢は宮島を使って切るように混ぜます。まずは、鮫皮おろしでわさび...
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